The Exciting World of Lighting

The Exciting World of Lighting

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We have so many choices in regards to how we will light-up a space in our homes today.  Lighting really changes the entire mood of a room as well as the size of a space, so it is a very important aspect to consider when making your lighting choices.

The placement and type of lighting that you choose for your room are limitless.  They work hand in hand with the color selections you have chosen for your room, your room size, the furniture and accessories you have selected, and the availability of natural light that will be present in your room. All of these elements, when interwoven correctly, work harmoniously in transforming a room into the room of your dreams, and lighting plays a very significant role into this transformation of functionality and style.

A very important aspect to consider regarding your lighting choices is functionality.  What is the purpose or role that you would like your lighting to play in your room?  If lighting doesn’t serve a purpose, then it will simply waste electricity and take away from the effect you would like to create.

Chandeliers, for example, are typically used in the center of a room as a focal point, providing an excellent source of light to radiate around the entire room.


Wall Sconces visually provide length and light in a dark hall or entry.

Table lamps and floor lamps are great lighting choices to illuminate a dark corner or to bring more light to a room that doesn’t have adequate over-head lighting.


Task lighting, such as a desk lamp, will bring direct light source to a working area that requires more illumination.     


A second key element to consider when choosing your lighting choices is style.  There are so many fun, eclectic styles available to us today, whether you would like a farmhouse rustic look, or a hip industrial look, a chic elegant look, etc.  The choices really are limitless!  So, you may ask—where do I begin?  Inspiration comes from inspiration.  I would suggest going online and searching for specific room-setting images where lighting plays a role, whether you are searching for a ceiling fixture or a table lamp.  Searching for inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram will assist you in deciding which styles really appeal to you and how the designers used their lighting choices in the room that they designed.  You will then begin to narrow down which looks really appeal to you in those lighting choices.


Have fun with this process, keeping in mind the functionality you would like to achieve with your lighting as well as the style you would like to create!  As you begin your search, keeping in mind these two aspects, you will achieve a balanced lighting scheme for your room that will be adequately lit and beautiful as well!


Wendy Wittwer

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