And The Grammy for the Best Guest Bedroom Goes To….

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Here are some great  tips to make your guest room feel welcome and comfortable this holiday season.

Offering them space to be on their own as well as ways to connect and be involved in the household.

A Winter Wonderland


Whimsical Winter: Features an icy blue and white color palette with hints of silver and gold accessories, subtle accent pillows, thick throws, and an upholstered headboard. A nice rug underlay will help in keeping the feet warm, as well as the room better insulated if you have wooden floors.


Icy Hughes: Blue, white, and grey shades create a cool atmosphere that invites relaxation to create a comfortable, at-home experience.


Ample Storage: If your guests are staying for an extended period of time, give them a place to unpack their suitcase. A credenza adds detail to the room while still allowing your guests storage.

A personal bathroom: A hot shower after a fun day in the snow is the most relaxing way to warm up. A white walk-in shower with dark accents on the wall or large, modern bathtub to warm up in after a day on the slopes is something your guests will be looking forward to. ⛷ 🏂


Midcentury Glamour: A collection of framed artwork and photography provides decoration around the room. A set of ceramic vases and a gold mirror line the top of the credenza.


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