Anniversary History Blog

Anniversary History Blog

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Each year for the past 43, Boulevard Home Furnishings has been celebrating it’s founding with an annual Anniversary Sale. Since the start of our homegrown business Boulevard has established a tradition of fun, food, prizes and savings during this event.

We found a few news clips and stories from the past that may bring a smile of remembrance to the faces of many of our long-time guests.

(Washington County News, November 7, 1974) “The Grand Opening officially started on Thursday, October 31st, and will continue until November 30. Prizes valued at over $2,000 will be given away at a drawing held Nov. 30.”

Tony Wittwer, the Boulevard’s founder, told of a past Anniversary Sale in those early days when they brought in a live turkey. The turkey was a prize given away prior to Thanksgiving. No matter how well-intentioned the idea was, it created a lot of work for Tony, keeping it fed prior to the drawing, and for the person who won and had to prepare the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

For many years, Boulevard had kept with the tradition of giving away a FREE Turkey with purchase made during the Anniversary Sale. However, instead of a live turkey, it was a nice quality, FROZEN Norbest Turkey that was handed to Boulevard guests at the time of purchase. “For several years, we had a large refrigerated trailer parked outside our store where we kept the frozen turkeys. One year (in the mid-1990’s) as the turkeys were being given away from the back of the trailer, the weight became too much on the front end, causing it to tip like a teeter-totter with the back wheels of the trailer lifting high off the ground. The front of the trailer nearly missed hitting a customer’s car parked in front of the trailer.”

Boulevard Anniversary Sales have also been a great time to create fun experiences for our guests. “In 2007, we ‘rolled out the red carpet’ for our guests. As they arrived at our St. George store it quickly became apparent that THEY were the honored guests and VIPs. Each couple, family and group was invited to walk down the red carpet as camera flashes popped and a tuxedo-clad greeter with microphone in hand, welcomed them to our red-carpet event. Young boys were given a bow-tie to wear and the girls got a tiara. Everyone liked being in the spotlight.”


Anniversary Prizes have varied from exotic trips, shopping sprees, room makeovers, and even a Grand Piano! Fun refreshments and even small meals have been a tasty part of the Boulevard Anniversary Experience. No matter what, these special events are meant to be a time for the Boulevard to honor our loyal customers and thank them for their past and continued patronage. “It’s just one more way we get to let our guest know how much we appreciate them.”

So, this year, a nice gift certificate to the Pizza Factory has replaced the frozen turkeys of the past, and a $5,000 Shopping Spree provides our guests with the hope of winning something they get to choose. However, one thing has not changed. Boulevard is still committed to providing the best selection, prices and service possible, along with creating an unforgettable experience!

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