Dorm Room Tips To Start The School Year Right!

Dorm Room Tips To Start The School Year Right!

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School is in session. That means it is time to decorate your college dorm room so well, that hallways are filled with envy and your snapchat stories are screen-shot after screen-shot. Don’t forget some key elements in decorating this year. We have some simple solutions for dorm room décor that are often neglected!



Rugs!  A colorful area rug will bring your space together, add texture and character to a normally drab dorm room. It will also create a mood and set a tone for all decorating to come. A great rug is a terrific way to start designing!

Hang a Flag!  Whether your flag says I love America or how passionate you are for school spirit, hang it up! It can be used as a makeshift headboard, a wall decoration above the door, or a perfect fit on the closet!


Command Strips!  Make the most of limited dorm room space by turning your desk into a dual purpose area to study and get ready for the day. Thanks to damage-free 3M Command Strips, organizing and decorating your dorm room has never been easier with no holes or wall damage to fix!


Clipboard Art! Why hang an single display of artwork on your wall when you can have a revolving display of the newest pictures? You can even slip a few notes from class in as you type a paper!


Floor Poufs! Terrific for additional seating and adding some much needed color. You can take it a step further by using a storage ottoman as a floor accent. It is a triple threat with bonus seating, hidden storage, and added design.













Lamps! Dorm and Apartment lighting is harsh and unforgiving. A floor or table lamp will go a long way to creating a warm atmosphere.













Here’s to a fantastic 2016 School Year!

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