Guide to Buying Outdoor Furniture

Guide to Buying Outdoor Furniture

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  1. Ask yourself what style you want to have?

Start by deciding how you want to use your outdoor space?  Is it to be a quiet retreat or a place for entertaining family and friends? Does it need a dining table, sectional, fire pit or any combination? Picture yourself using the space. Will you be retreating there quietly with a book on a comfortable lounge chair, hanging around with friends or cooking up a storm on the treager? What seating will you require and how much? What style of outdoor furniture would suit your needs the best: aluminum, teak or colorful contemporary designs?

  1. Is the outdoor living going to be in direct sunlight?

This is very important in southern Utah where the temperature can reach over 115 degrees. There are many kinds of product out there, some are made from steel to aluminum to wicker, teak etc. Is the product is in the direct sunlight you do not want steel it heats up to much to the point you can’t sit on it, In this care you will need to go with a wicker or a fabric product.

  1. Go into you retailer and get a professional to help you with you questions.

There are many great retailers out there with designers/professionals that can help you get the best layout for your space, and answer all the questions about product details.  They also can get you all the information on how to care for your new product.


Jason Bentley
Outdoor Furniture Buyer

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