Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. There is something about the cold St George nights, the starry night sky and beautiful red mountain setting that even without all the snow gets me in the mood for Christmas.  My house has beautiful lights, the tree is trimmed, and glistening and no tiny detail has been overlooked.  As I’m busy working and planning my gift giving, I have to start thinking about wrapping all the presents…

I love giving gifts, and for me the packaging is just as important as the gift inside… every tiny detail and perfectly placed ribbon shows the love and care than went into giving the perfect present.

Here are some of my favorite ideas.

  1. Use natural elements. Plain brown paper can work for any occasion especially Christmas. With a few sprigs of a fir tree and a few pine cones and a little jute string you have a perfectly rustic wintery wrapped package.   This idea also works great on a brown paper gift bag.
  2. Keeping with a natural theme try adding a little ribbon or a few cinnamon sticks. Not only does it add color but also a delicious aroma. You can also use dried orange slices or tie a little pouch of potpourri on your package.
  3. Candy Canes and Suckers are great little accents for any package. Instead of ribbon try tying them on with yarn.  This adds a unique touch keeping the packaging simple and a pop of color.
  4. Craft stores are full of Christmas decorations, from tiny bells to Christmas sprigs, ornaments and layered ribbon. This is a super fun way to add depth and dimension to your packages.  You can use plain paper or colored and just accent with some layered accents for a beautiful wrapped gift.
  1. Sometimes we have things that are odd shapes… there is nothing worse than trying to wrap a tiny item or odd shaped item. I love this idea; any tube will work.  Simply cut it to the size you need and wrap the paper around the tube and secure both ends with a ribbon or string.  Your family will have great fun trying to guess what could be inside this perfectly wrapped gift. You can keep it simple or add a cluster of ribbon and sprigs.
  1. Many times, we have a whole collection of things to give to the same person. Gift baskets are a great way to combine everything and have a beautiful presentation.  You don’t have to use a traditional basket though, you can use a crate, wooded box or even a box you have laying around, cover it in paper and you’re ready to go!

From hot chocolate baskets to pancake mornings, relaxing bath time or movie night cuddles you can find delightful collections to put together into fabulous baskets.

What ever gifts you are wrapping, for family, friends and neighbors, be inspired and have fun.

All images were copied from Pinterest.  There are so many great ideas to choose from these are just a few of my personal favorites.

Merry Christmas and Have fun wrapping….


Linsey Smith

Furniture Buyer/ Interior Designer

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