It’s Grilling Season!

It’s Grilling Season!

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Yes, Boulevard is now your headquarters to get your Traeger grill fix. This time of year many of us get the itch to go outside and enjoy the amazing weather, and what better way than to throw something on the grill.

To get started, let us tell you a little about Traeger Grills and share one of our favorite Boulevard recipes.

What makes a Traeger Grill so special?  First off a Traeger grill is a wood pellet grill that allows you to grill or smoke your favorite dish using many different hardwood flavors such as sweet cherry, mesquite, or even apple. There are at least 12 different options to choose from. All of Traeger’s wood pellets are 100% pure, natural food-grade hardwood allowing for the most authentic flavor to be infused into your masterpiece.

Using a Traeger has made grilling easier than ever, just load up the pellets, and turn the dial to the desired temperature and your set. Many of the models come with 2 built-in temperature probes ensuring your meal comes out perfect. Traeger takes a novice griller to the next level and challenges the professional to come up with the next meal that wins the neighborhood cook-off.

Check out this link (Traeger Grills)for all the available options or stop into any of our stores to find the perfect grill for you.







Here is one of our favorite baby back ribs recipes to get you started.

Jason’s Baby Back Ribs: (5 Simple Steps)

  1. Get yourself some baby back ribs, rub them down with yellow mustard.
  2. Let them sit out tell they are room temperature. Then dust with treager seasoning and brown sugar.
  3. Put them on the smoker for 3 hours on the smoke setting. (uncovered)
  4. Take them off and apply desired bbq sauce wrap them in foil and apply a ½ cup of brown sugar. Make sure you wrap them tight in foil. Then set the dial to 225 for 3 hours.
  5. Take ribs out of the foil and place directly back on the grill set the dial to 225 for 1 more hour and apply you favorite bbq sauce.







Take out the grill and enjoy.

Jason B.
Boulevard Sales Manager


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