Kiss That Cardboard Skin Goodbye!

Kiss That Cardboard Skin Goodbye!

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I love fall. The changing leaves, crisp air, dark nights, smells, food, decorating for the holidays… Every single bit of fall I LOVE. Except one thing, my skin! Ugh!!

I’ve never been able to figure out why my skin seems to dry out like a shriveled prune to resemble something of a crisp leaf through the fall and winter months.

Now I love lotion. I love the feel of it all over my skin, especially after a hot bath, my skin just seems to suck it all up like a dehydrated piece of fruit. That’s in the summer time! Come fall and I’m lathering up like a swimmer coating themselves in lard ready to swim the British channel!

Why is it that when fall hits us with all the beauty that comes with it the weather isn’t the only thing that takes a shift into a new dimension?

I use the term cardboard skin with my kids all the time. I’m like a nagging old women squirting lotion at them with every opportunity I get! Yelling at them during our morning routines to… (lotion up! Nobody likes cardboard skin) But as they get older they hate the feel of a greasy face and hands.

They love being rubbed with the oils, at every and any opportunity their shirts are off and they are begging for a back rub, or their feet to be rubbed, but hands and faces- no way! They’re having none of it!

Years ago I purchased a lotion stick. I loved it: the feel, the smell, the texture and especially for those dry hands, heals and elbows it worked wonders.

These fantastic lotion bars are easy to make, smell delicious and my family just love them!

All those dry knuckles, heals, elbows and chapped lips are no match for these lotion bars! Pick out your favorite silicone mold and get creative! Throw one in a little tin or baggie and keep it in your purse, the kids back packs and in every bathroom…

The heat from your hands does the work and you are seriously left feeling so soft and smooth and the best part…. No more cardboard skin!


2/3 cup beeswax

1/2 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup coco butter

1 teaspoon vitamin E oil

15 drops essential oils (I used citrus bliss, peppermint and lavender. 5 drops of each)

Other great oils are geranium, melaleuca and frankincense – combine as you like, get creative and find your own special blend!


  1. In a glass jar or measuring jug add bees wax ( I would recommend purchasing the wax chips instead of ablock… so much easier. But if you do use the block of wax grate or cut it into small pieces.
  2. Measure and add the coconut oil and coco butter and vitamin E oil to the beeswax
  3. Add 2 inches of boiling water into a small pan and place the glass container with the ingredients into the pan and allow to melt and combine together. Stir every minute or so to help the mixture combine. Add more boiling water as needed. Keep on the heat until mixture is fully melted and smooth.
  4. Take off the heat and using a hot pad remove glass container carefully from the pan (glass will be hot) let sit for 3 minutes
  5. Add essential oil (any brand) to mixture and stir
  6. In a clean dry silicone mold carefully pour the lotion into each mold
  7. Set aside and let cool and set completely (takes approximately 2-3 hours)
  8. Carefully remove each lotion bar and wrap in plastic wrap or place into ziplock baggie

Life may not always go as planned, but don’t worry! There’s a Boulevard solution!

Linsey Smith  

Furniture Buyer


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