Last Minute Halloween Decor 🎃

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The time is almost here! Get your last minute decorations out just in time to spook the skeletons out of the local trick-or-treaters.

Yard Decorations– Create some wacky signs for the front yard. Paint them with fun phrases like “Beware”, “Happy Halloween!”, “Boo!”, “Trick or Treat”, and “Eeeeek”.


Specimen Cups– Snag a couple of these from the nearest hospital. Or, since hopefully you aren’t at the hospital very often, order them on Amazon. Be sure to have plenty of Apple Juice to fill the cups with. 😉


Cob Webs– Cob Webs are easy to decorate, and easy to clean! Wrap a strand of web around just about anything and you are nearly done! Use it as a finishing touch to fill in any space that is left empty.



Possibly the Creepiest of all– Pop off doll heads and stick them in jars. Stuff the jar with netting or  goo. Place on a shelf and wait for someone to walk by!


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