Make A Statement With A Wall Collage

Make A Statement With A Wall Collage

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Wall art is a great way to add personality to a room, but arranging it can be tricky. Relax—we have expert advice on how to hang wall art.

Choose a style: What speaks to you? Light & bright or dark & mysterious? Or possibly something in between? Choose what mood you want for your room.CollegeTHISModern

Choose different colors and styles: If you are hanging your family photos, select a few different (yet coordinating) colors for mats and frames. Pro-Tip! Don’t separate family photos with. . . family photos. Add some variety with abstract art, sculptures, candle holders, or random hangings.collage1

Size: You will want both small and large pieces; rectangular, square and circle pieces; deep and shallow pieces. If you hang the same shape and size on your wall, it will be hard to look at. Throw in as many odd shapes and sizes as you can to make an intriguing look.

Hang your art at “eye level”: Art should be at eye level (about 60” above the ground). If you have really high or really low ceilings, adjust accordingly. If your room is mostly for sitting, hang your art a little lower so you can always keep an eye on it. Note: Art should be hung about 8-10 inches above the sofa. You don’t want to be hitting your head on it.

wall art low

Where to start: Start with the largest piece and off-center it. Keep an even distance between each space, and begin to build around it. Be sure to keep the art mixed with the art. For example, try not to hang all the abstract paintings next to each other. Instead, separate them out between the family photos, sconces, and miscellaneous hangings. You can start on the floor to arrange the pictures, and then move to the wall.


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