Our Home: Kitchen + Dining Room

Our Home: Kitchen + Dining Room

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When it came to designing our home, Joe + I both knew we wanted the kitchen area to be the focal point of the home. We knew we wanted to create what we loved, so it was worth investing in. For us, we truly consider it the heart of the home. The kitchen is where we spend the most time together as a family. It was important for us that it was a warm, inviting, happy space where we all wanted to gather. It is the place where we come together for dinner as a family. Some of our most cherished conversations happen here. I am so in love with how it turned out, so today I wanted to invite you in to the heart of our home, our kitchen + dining room.

When we first started designing, my complete indecisiveness kicked in. After searching Pinterest + Instagram, I found a designer I knew could help put all my thoughts together and create what I was looking for throughout the house! Her name is Ashley, and if you are in need of design input she is your gal! From simple accessory details to full room layouts, she has helped us so much!

My main goals  for the kitchen + dining room were clean,white, light, and bright. I loved the look of the ever so trendy all white kitchens, but I love to be different and a little outside the box too. The wood we used on the cabinets was the perfect solution. It brings in the warmth the space needs so it doesn’t feel completely sterile. We had them line up the wood grain exactly so it keeps the clean, modern lines. I love that it gives it such a unique look, while still staying timeless.

Another HUGE part in designing the kitchen and dining room was picking out appliances. The thought of it gave me so much anxiety because I really had no idea where to start. During the time we were designing our plans, we went to the St. George Parade of Homes to get some inspiration. As we walked through, I started to notice that every appliance and even overall kitchen space I liked, was done by Boulevard Home Furnishings. They were everywhere and I knew they were the answer to all my concerns! Plus my parents had gone to Boulevard for years for all their appliances so I knew they were the ones!!

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing they were to work with. They listened to all my random ideas + requests, and turned them into one cohesive plan. They were able to help reel it in when they could tell something wasn’t going to fit my overall goal. When things got delayed and crazy back ordered on our fridge, instead of just saying that’s how things go, they upgraded our order to a nicer fridge, so we could have a functioning fridge for our family. You can really tell they have you as their number one priority. The very best part was that they are a one stop shop, so you know everything will flow how you imagined, instead of hoping 5 different companies all promise the right things!

Having family gather in our home often was important to us. That meant a lot of cooking!  I knew I wanted to go more high end on the oven so we ended up with Thermador and I couldn’t be happier! Boulevard answered all my questions and concerns + showed me the best option! It has your typical regular oven size. In addition to that it has a second small oven, that can be used as a warmer.  It was so helpful to have at Christmas when you are trying to cook a million things at once.

I’m a crazy person and want to show everyone my fridge too! I showed the snack drawer I’m obsessed with over in this post and I wouldn’t have even known it was an option without them. And the ICE MACHINE!! My little people love it as much as I do, and it is our most used appliance! If you’re anything like me and just feel like you don’t know where to start with appliances, I promise you will feel better talking to them or going to check out their show room.

Another favorite part of the kitchen + dining room is the seating options. I knew I wanted a big island to prep food on, but also to have a bar area. I love that it is big enough that we can stick the babies chairs on the island so they are right in the action with us! The little people love being on these stools right up at the bar to help with food prep or even for homework! Greta, who designs + makes them is incredible. She is a welder (honestly I don’t think I know another women that welds) + first time mom herself! Every single thing she makes is by hand, and the quality is out of this world!

The feeling of just being together and comfortable in the space was so important. I love that we were able to accomplish it. You can usually find us all piled around the island (sometimes even on top of it)  eating or having our latest dance party, and I could not be happier about it!

Oh and for all those asking about the floors..I found it for you here!

xx kails

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