Pottery From Mexico!

Pottery From Mexico!

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We just received a new shipment of beautiful, unique pottery from Mexico!  Within this new shipment, you will find a large assortment of over-sized floor pots, small vases, and statuary displayed prominently in the front of our store!

Promo2This pottery was designed by Raul Fuenzalida, a very prominent artist from Chile who now resides in Mexico, whose work has been featured in National Geographic.  Raul has received awards and recognition for his work, and his unique creations are sold through-out the world in various countries.

Each piece that he creates undergoes a very detailed process from start to finish.  Each item is cast either in a mold or shaped on a potter’s wheel.  Each piece is then placed in a wood-fueled kiln.  Once the base coat is applied, Raul paints by hand every detail in either acrylic paint or natural oxides.  After an antiqued effect is applied, then a semi-mate varnish is applied as the final coat.  A lot of care and pride is placed into every single piece that he makes.


Come in and see this unique shipment of Fuenzalida pottery now featured at the Boulevard!

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