Setting School Year Goals With Your Children

Setting School Year Goals With Your Children

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It’s a brand-new year, chock-full of new opportunities! The teachers will have goals for students, but what does your child want to achieve? Yes, the teacher will tell the whole class what he/she expects, what they will learn, and how their progress will be measured. But, before the school year starts, sit down with your child and discuss what they want to achieve this year. Now, they aren’t only ones following their teachers plan, but they are learning how to set realistic goals with your help.

Specific – Details, details, details. Be specific. The more detailed, the easier to plan and accomplish your moves.

Measurable – Especially at such a young age, we want to point out how well they are doing. Pick a goal that is measurable and with every small mission accomplished, you are able to recognize it in some way.

Attainable – Challenge them, but not so much that they become overwhelmed. Challenge brings out growth.

Realistic – What are they willing to work towards? If you have set goals together before, what has worked for them in the past? Set your sights on what you believe you can do.

Timely – Plan your attack and set a date! Whether you want to set a yearly goal, or break it up into semesters, you don’t want to give yourself too much time – it could lead to boredom!happymom

“Children are great imitators; they are watching how we live far more than they are hearing what we say. “

– L.R. Knost

Being an example to them in teaching them to set goals will prepare them for adulthood and give them such an extraordinary advantage in life.

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