Storing Holiday Decorations

Storing Holiday Decorations

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While Christmas is definitely “the most wonderful time of the year” It can be a mammoth task to put all those decorations away… From storing all the Christmas lights and ornaments, to Knick knacks and signs.  There is always something fragile or that special family ornament that causes stress to pack away properly.

Better homes and gardens had some great ideas and I picked out my favorite 5 to get you well on your way to an organization holiday pro!

Label Your Decorations

Marking items is a great way to help distinguish similar accessories when you pull them out from year to year.  Whether you have specific garlands that fit stair railings, mantels or doorways,

Or maybe wreaths and ornaments that you use in certain rooms. Hang a labeled tag from each item for easy identification, or store them separately in clearly marked bags or totes.

Group Decorations Together

For a display you want to re-create each year, be sure to take a picture so you’ll remember how you put it together and store the picture with the display.  Be sure to wrap each piece and store it all in the same box or tote.  This will make it super easy to arrange the following year.

Storing Christmas Lights

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to store small bundles of Christmas lights is in a labeled plastic zipper bag. Simply wrap the strand around your arm and place in the bag.  Make sure you label where the lights came from so you can easily put them back in in the same place each year. Once you’re done packing up all the light strands place the sealed bags into a plastic tote and label the tote for easy recognition each year.  For larger strands or lights use a piece of cardboard and wrap the lights around the cardboard to keep them from getting tangled. Cut a slit in each end to secure the ends of the strand.  Write on the cardboard where you took the lights from for easy set up next years.  Use a plastic tote or box to store them in and of course label the outside for an easy find next year.

Storing Christmas Ornaments

A great way to store ornaments is in the original box, using tissue paper to separate each ornament.  If you don’t have the original box, gift boxes or shoe boxes will work well as long as they are labeled. You can also use egg trays, they can be stacked within boxes layering as you go.  The egg trays will protect each ornament and keep them organized and ready for the next use.  Decorate the outside of a box and label it for your next use.

Save Original Packaging

Putting elaborate decorations away are a synch when you have the original packaging.  Storing Christmas villages and Nativity’s in the right boxes not only ensure that they are held in the correct position and wont bang against other pieces, but you’ll also be able to identify exactly what they are!

These simple and easy ideas will save you not only time but will also save your precious ornaments to enjoy year after year.  Plan ahead with where you’ll store things and how you’ll store them.  You can use these tips for not only Christmas but any holiday you decorate for.  I always believe that spending a little time on the prep work saves a ton of time in the end.

Happy Packing!


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