There’s No Fooling You: Why Faux Leather is a Great Choice

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Nothing beats coming home after a hard day’s work and kicking your feet back in your recliner. Finding the perfect recliner for ultimate comfort can sometimes be tricky. There are a lot of questions when picking out new furniture. Does a sofa fit better than a sectional? Should it be reclining, or will the dog think the cushions are delicious and attempt to eat it before you get home? We are here to help you make your choice a little bit easier! Here’s the difference between genuine leather and… everything else.

La-Z-Boy Recliners

Faux Leather
Much like leather, it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. But, unlike leather, it doesn’t crack over time. Most faux leathers are even UV fade resistant, so go ahead and bask in the warm sunlight.


Santa Fe Stool by Sunny Design
How durable is it? Great question and the answer may surprise you. Many manufacturer tests have found faux leather doesn’t only look the most attractive after time but is very durable. Faux leather can be made to match the durability of even the highest quality leathers. Keep in mind that it does depend on the manufacturer process!
Faux Leather is animal- friendly & more cost effective than other options.
Normandie Tufted Leather Headboard

Bonded Leather
Bonded leather is the most popular in upholstery and offers a lower price than real leather. Made by repurposing leather scraps and breaking them down. Then blended with fabric materials to form a new medium that possesses leather. Bonded leather can be embossed to give you a leather grain for a full effect. Be sure to ask your salesperson to see samples of bonded leather for the item that you are looking at.

Leather Match: Leather Match combines the best of both quality and value. This process uses genuine leather on elements that contact your body. These include the top of the seat cushions, the backs of the seats, and inside arm. The remaining is made of faux leather that looks identical to the leather. Our La-Z-Boy representative says that unless you know to look for a difference, you can’t tell!

Genuine Leather: Although having a lower price point than leather, vinyl leathers and bonded leathers may not be as durable as genuine leather. Genuine leather improves over time by becoming softer and more flexible. It is the highest quality leather you can buy, as it retains all the grain from being the top layer of the hide. It can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. Also, pet odors do not linger around the room with genuine leather as they might with other materials.

April Fools Day is around the corner, but don’t let that fool you into thinking genuine leather is your only option. Have fun with your buying experience! Come into any of our locations and try out all the different types of leather. We are sure you will find the perfect one to enjoy at the end of a hard work day!

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